Did I dislocate my jaw?

Answer If you dislocated it, you'd know. You might just have TMJ (lockjaw).

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Did i dislocate my knee?

It doesn't sound like a dislocation but it does sound like you may have some cartilage problems or something else going on. There are many possible causes for a clicking knee, some of which are po... Read More »

How can you dislocate your shoulder?

1) there are 2 main ways to dislocate you're shoulder. Most commonly a sports injury or an epileptic seizure2) it is pretty much impossible to dislocate you're shoulder on purpose unless it has pre... Read More »

Whats it like to dislocate your shoulder?

Like the other answer stated, it is very, very painful. It's also scary, too. First, they'll hear a pop and immediate pain will set in. I've heard people describe it as searing, burning, and twingi... Read More »

Is It Weird If I Can Dislocate My Wrist?

F*ck yea it is! None the less, that's pretty cool. Though to be honest with you I wouldn't suggest doing it often, e.g. as something to keep you from being overly bored; the bone can eventually dam... Read More »