Can you die from stomach cancer?

Answer On One Hand: Stomach Cancer Has a High Death RateAs of November 2009, the five-year survival rate of people with stomach cancer in the United States was about 28 percent, according to the American ... Read More »

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My dad has stomach cancer and just went from 94 pounds to 100, is that progress?

What may be happening is fluid retention caused by the tumor called "ascites", and is a sign that the tumor is growing, so sorry, no, this is probably not progress for the better, but the opposite.... Read More »

My father is suffering from adenocarcinoma stomach cancer. he had been given 5 cycles of chemo and three to go?

I am sorry for your trouble and I hope your father is doing better. Because of the chemo he is probably not eating much which can contribute to the constipation. He may also be taking heavy pain ... Read More »

Colon cancer, stomach cancer Please help?

This would have nothing to do with stomach cancer even if you were old enough to be concerned about it. Simply having constipation is also not a reason to think cancer of any kind at any age, but e... Read More »

Stomach Cancer?

It sounds like your grandfather has lived a good life and now he may be facing the final steps in his journey. The fact that he has been an active and healthy man may mean that he may well live lon... Read More »