Can you die from salvia?

Answer There are different types of salvia plants, some are well-known herbs and spices used in cooking, and some have medicinal properties e.g. different types of sage plants. They are also grown for the... Read More »

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How do I extract from a salvia plant?

Powdering SalviaWeigh 90 grams of the salvia leaf. Grind the leaves for several minutes in a coffee grinder, starting and stopping to give the machine time to rest for three or four minutes or unti... Read More »

How do I propagate salvia from stem cuttings?

Cutting StemsCut 2 to 8 inch long stems just below the node with a pocket knife or pruning shears. Cutting tools can be dipped in alcohol prior to shearing to prevent contamination or disease.Water... Read More »


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Is it legal to buy salvia?

It is legal to buy salvia in many states. However, salvia is illegal to buy or posses in some states including Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Maine. Consider your state laws, as posses... Read More »