Can you die from playing?

Answer No. You can't die from playing flute. But if you are just starting flute, you might find yourself a little light headed if you play too much because you are not used to using up so much air to prod... Read More »

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How to Remove Ink From a Printed Playing Card?

Playing cards over the centuries have been adapted to new and ever more complicated games, forms of gambling and the demands of card conjurers. They should not be viewed as static objects but as ob... Read More »

How far do you stand away from the TV when playing Wii?

The Wii motion control system responds from motions in the controller that are picked up by a sensor bar you set up in front of your television. For best results, you should stand a minimum of 3 fe... Read More »

Why is my record player playing from the cartridge and speakers?

Of course you can hear it. At the intersection of the stylus & the vinyl, the connection is mechanical.

Playing music from Laptop to sound System?

Vicky - Do not connect it to a "phono" input - that is designed for a turntable only. You need to find another input - maybe CD or AUX or TAPE.