Can you die from eating to much freezies?

Answer No, it's impossible to die from that. When eating or drinking cold things quickly you may, however, get a headache so bad you'll wish you were dead--but it subsides fairly quickly.

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How to Recover from Eating Too Much?

Do you find yourself reaching for the fridge door? Most people tend to over eat for various reasons! If you would like to recover for all that food you consumed, this is the Wiki for you!

Can my 14 old son get diabetes from eating too much sugar?

No he cant, excess sugar does NOT cause diabetes (its a commom mis-belief though!). The diet he is eating is certainly very bad for his health in other ways though. He is going to be heading into... Read More »

Can you get diabetes from eating too much sugar?

Once? Or as part of a chronic dietary pattern over months, years, decades?Diabetes is closely associated with consumption of foods high in added sugar, such as sodas. The higher the consumption, th... Read More »

Did I eat too much today (recovering from an eating disorder)?

No, that's the best way to eat meals. About 5 small portions of simple foods, which is exactly what you did. You could have even eaten more :)