Can you die from eating mussels?

Answer On One Hand: Poisoning PossibleAccording to the Centers for Disease Control, mussels can be contaminated with marine toxins which cause poisoning when ingested. Paralytic shellfish poisoning may ca... Read More »

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Ethics of eating mussels, can i eat them shall I ?

There may be some level of environmental destruction involved with eating mussels (bycatch or maybe even trawler fishing etc) though how this compares to veg agriculture which also kills rodents/bi... Read More »

Can you get sick from eating mussels?

You can get shellfish poisoning from eating mussels if they are contaminated, even if they have been thoroughly cooked. Additionally, any food can make you sick if it is prepared or stored improper... Read More »

How do vegetarians justify killing and eating plants/fungi and eating their eggs (i.e. fruit)?

The lack of a central nervous system basically covers that.Everyone draws the line somewhere. In western countries, most omnivores draw the line somewhere between puppies and calves. Vegetarians dr... Read More »

I Really want to try eating cat meat, I Like Beef and Goat, Horse, Chicken, I dont see whats wrong with eating?

Apart from societal taboos it may not be the best thing health-wise to eat "cat" meat. Such meat should be considered as game because a cat can and does eat all kinds of things that it can catch ou... Read More »