Is drinking my own urine bad for me?

Answer If it is necessary for survival then you can do it for a total of 2-3 times before it becomes toxic. This would only be in an extreme case to keep from dehydrating. Otherwise, remember that this ... Read More »

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Is drinking urine healthy?

I drink nothing but urine. It's as healthy as fruit juice, or milk.You almost NEVER have to drink water, and it saves a LOT of money that you would have otherwise spent on beverages.I like it darke... Read More »

Is drinking your own urine dangerous?

hello this was the best joke of the time i've been in the uk.know what it is good for helth if you have cow's urine not human urine,and you know what its a very good plane you have there for the ma... Read More »

What is your opinion about drinking our own urine?

Urine is toxins being removed from your body. Why would you put them back in?

I have heard that drinking your urine [pee-pee] is good for you,,is this true?

i like to dine out, i never order the peepee