Can you die from anesthesia?

Answer When anesthesia came out years ago, it was very different than what it is today. It is very safe and controlled. To die from anesthesia today is completely unheard of and I would have no issues ... Read More »

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Why can't I get the gas for anesthesia?

We do mask inductions on little kids because we can hold them down when they get squirmy. A mask induction is slow - it takes a few minutes to get a kid knocked out. There is a part of that calle... Read More »

What does anesthesia feel like?

You most likely wont remember it so it wont feel like anything. But if your worried about your folks catching an embarrasing video of you i would try and keep quiet while your on it or you will end... Read More »

Seizures After Anesthesia?

Few people look forward to surgery but we accept it as a necessary procedure when we experience illness or injury. There are many types of surgeries, some which are more strenuous or painful than o... Read More »

Don't want to get high under anesthesia?

So you've "been under" before?> I had general anesthesia and I just woke up and didn't say anything.Me too; that's what's supposed to happen. A good anesthesiologist will have you "out" and ready ... Read More »