Is my spleen bruised or ruptured?

Answer First off, are you a doctor? If the answer is anything but yes, don't self diagnose yourself.Second, we cannot possibly tell without seeing an x-ray or scan of sorts. The signs say no, as a similar... Read More »

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Ruptured eardrum!?

I say go see a doctor to make sure it did indeed rupture, because if it did rupture it's going to need to be fixed.And to answer your question it wouldn't hurt to play, but if you did rupture it yo... Read More »

Ruptured appendix help?

Most people do survive this with good medical care, but there's no way to know from afar whether one patient will be okay as it is potentially life-threatening. He is likely to have a longer than n... Read More »

What is a ruptured disc?

Between the vertebrae on your spine are pads called discs, which consist of a jelly-type substance encased in a bony shell. A ruptured or herniated disc occurs when this jelly pokes through the a c... Read More »

How do you define ruptured disk?

Discs exist between the vertebrae in your back. They act as a cushion between the bones as you move through life -- sitting, standing, bending and simply moving. Good posture and a healthy lifestyl... Read More »