Do beans really make you fart!!!?

Answer Howdy,Yes, beans do give people gas. I answered this question last year for Ask Yahoo! and found that "beans contain sugars the human body simply cannot digest." These sugars are called oligosacch... Read More »

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OK...i had a brain fart and did something really stupid..Now i need to know if anyone knows how to fix it.?

Please do not pour any boiling water down the drain to fix this. It will only move the problem further down the line to a more inaccessible location. It will take the removal of the p trap under th... Read More »

What should you do if you are dining at a very elegant restaurant and you accidentally FART really loudly?

LOL.. look at everyone like they're weird for not farting too

Hemorrhoid HELP: My anus is dry and itchy and when I fart or poop, it really smells...what could it be?

Hemmiroids are red puffy Baskets of blood around the anus and they hurt like hell. Sometimes they itch too but you really know when you got roids. Poop gets it's stink from the gut deep inside you ... Read More »

Do really fat babies fart more than skinny babies?

well my son is pretty tiny hes going to be 7 months old on sunday and weighs 14lbs and he can clear a room!