Can you die from a gunshot wound to the arm?

Answer um yes if you bleed to much!

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What is white gel type paste appearing on my burn wound on my stomach.its more than 9 days of my wound?

If it is spontaneously appearing, it is probably pus. Is the wound site red and tender to the touch? Does the wound look "full" like it has something underneath it?If so, it is likely infection.

Doctor lanced my long does it take for the wound to it suppose to swell up he wound is deep!?

Very normal. Sounds like you have a Staph infection. Nasty business. Just stick w/ the antibiotics and drink TONS of water, this flushes out the toxins. Keep it clean and avoid strenuous exercise u... Read More »

How do you treat a gunshot to the eye?

Hospital. Haha lol. Just kidding they would either do surgery depending on the extent of the injury or if it was minor they would stitch it up. If the eyeball was shot out they would make a replace... Read More »

How to Make Fake Gunshot Wounds?

Want to make someone think you were shot and lived? Here is how.