Can you get a concussion from swiping your head on something ?

Answer As you did it lightly then I would have to say that you would not have concussion. .............

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Should I sue a nightclub - Got a concussion from bouncer slamming door on my face.?

Can a concussion from four years ago cause headaches slurred speech and clumsiness?

AnswerYes, a concussion can cause ongoing problems with memory, coordination, cognition, language, speech, etc. depending on the location and severity of the lesion. Concusions, or Mild Traumatic B... Read More »

I think I have long term damage from a football concussion. help?

Im not a Doctor. But this could well be an affect from your recent concussion. Booking an appointment with the dr should be well in order. Chances are you are fine and nothing is seriously wrong. B... Read More »

Did I get a concussion?