Can you die by drinking too much energy drinks?

Answer Yes you can die from them because the contain high amounts of caffeine and sugar, but the chances of it is very low unless you are drinks about 7 a day. I remember reading on a headline that this g... Read More »

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How to Be Energetic Without Drinking Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks are becoming a popular choice for giving you an energy boost during the day. However, they are not usually the best choice as they are full of caffeine and sugar, and may not work as ... Read More »

Can drinking 24 red alert energy drinks kill you?

You are not gonna die :D , but never do it again.Energy drinks cause really bad effects, and unfortunately many of these effects will not be noticeable except after a long time..stop drinking energ... Read More »

I have been drinking Monster Energy Drinks for about 3 years now?

Does my blood pressure get higher after drinking coffee, energy drinks and smoking?

If ur blood pressure isnt affecting u in any other dizzyness or anything then leave alone and dont worry about it....some people have high blood pressure and dont even check it or realis... Read More »