Can you deliver vaginally after cesarean?

Answer Yes.

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Can a female deliver vaginally if she has been told that she has a narrow pelvis?

Do I have to shave if I'm having my baby vaginally?

It used to be that shaving before giving birth was a standard practice. Today, you no longer are required to shave if you are having a vaginal birth. Some women do prefer to remove hair to keep the... Read More »

For people who gave birth (vaginally) no meds...?

I read this awesome book "Ina May's Guide to Natural Childbirth" by Ina May Gaskin. It was all about natural med-free birth and other woman's experience with it. I have a high tolerance for pain an... Read More »

Can women with genital warts have children vaginally?

Yes, in most cases genital warts will not cause problems. However, if the genital warts grow larger, they can cause obstruction during delivery and then a cesarean section (C-section), may be neede... Read More »