Can you delete videos you uploaded on bebo?

Answer yes.Whilst logged in, underneath the video click:[Remove this Video]

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YouTube- I can't find my uploaded videos. Help. 10 pts.?

do a search on the keyword that you might have listed it by. this will bring up all the possible videos that match the key you searched on. try to remember and enter as much of the key work you upl... Read More »

How do i delete a video that i uploaded onto youtube?

1)Log in your account.2)Click on My Videos3)Select one of your videos and click on Remove Video.

Is there a way, that I can add someone "as a friend", on YouTube....if they haven't uploaded any videos?

How can I delete a file (image) that I just uploaded to wikimedia commons?

In the toolbox in the sidebar click on "Nominate for deletion" and explain why it should be deleted.