Can you delete and re-record over Mini DV tapes?

Answer Yes you can, but there are some things to keep in mind.Many professions claim that you should never re-use a tape for any serious work. They say it causes more frequent "dropouts" (lost frames that... Read More »

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Can you reuse video camera tapes once full (Like polaroid mini DV tapes)?

I've been re-using my mini DV tapes for years. It's been said that you can re-use them until they break. I mark them each time I re-use one and trash it after the tenth time. Here's hoping you have... Read More »

I have 30 mini DV tapes of raw footage - should its backup be on mini DV or hard disk?

Holy crap! 30 tapes? You need approx. 540 GB of storage, then some more for editing.You'd need a lot of hard drive space. How do you plan on editing without the entire collection of tapes on a har... Read More »

What is the life expectency of Mini DV tapes vs. mini DVDs?

DVD disks, when stored away from heat or direct sunlight in their cases or some type of case, have a life span of 10 - 20 years.Tape starts to curl and dry within 5 years unless you stand it with t... Read More »

How to Play Mini DV Tapes in a VCR?

Mini DV tapes store video images and sound onto a digital format. The tapes are small and digital so they are called "Mini DV" (DV = Digital Video). These are used in Mini DV camcorders. Once video... Read More »