Can you defrag your PC too often?

Answer NO!I never heard that.I do it all the time and my PC works like new.It also says you can't fefragment when its not ready to.

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How often should U defrag your computer to keep it running right?

You need to defrag your computer if the hard drive starts making a lot of "clicking" noises every time it is accessed. Defragmenting once every other week with Win98/ME, once every month with Win2... Read More »

How Often Should You Perform a Defrag on a PC?

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How often should i scandisk and defrag my computer?

depends how heavily you use it. I am a moderate user and defrag once every 2 weeks and scandisk about once a month. Just my own experience as to what works though

How often should I defrag my hard drive?

On One Hand: Schedule it weekly or monthlySet up a schedule to have your computer automatically defragment your hard drive once a week or once a month, depending on how hard you use your computer. ... Read More »