How did the tariff of 1816 help the US?

Answer Answer 1 Because the countries that surround Israel DO NOT support a Jewish settlement in what THEY perceive is Arab land. The Arab countries have attacked Israel - and that was the 6 day war in 19... Read More »

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What is the tariff on nikon 90 digital camera?

Cheapest tariff to call Turkey from Switzerland?

Lebara is the cheapest cell-phone carrier. Each minute will be less than 30 cents.

Which network has the cheapest tariff for "wireless internet" in India?

there are variety of data card available with lots of plans for use age which suits best for the far as i have checked and personally used, i found tata photon,3G and also mts mblaze give... Read More »

How much does it cost to upgrade to an iPhone 3GS on an O2-UK iPhone tariff?

that is the sad part about iPhones. you still have to pay full price for the phone even if you have an upgrade or not. here , iPhone3G is 99$ plus tax or tariff. and iPhone 3Gs is 199$ plus tax or ... Read More »