How to Get Rid of a Psycho Roommate?

Answer No one likes to discover that a roommate is a little bit strange or in fact quite obnoxious. If your roommate acts unreasonably and makes your life unbearable, then you need to take some serious ac... Read More »

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To Da Psycho Formerly Known As Yvette Landon?

BWWAAAHHHAAAAAHHHAAAA!!!!!!!!!Yvette Landon...Maracuya...Real Moms...Cherry Limeaide...Fedora...~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~I am laying down early w/ Jaxon on my chest... hubby is off & we are goi... Read More »

How to Make Your Computer Go Psycho?

What the programme doesDo you want to scare someone into thinking their computer is messed up? Well, now you can with a very simple code.

What did you think of the movie american psycho?

I might have to watch it again, because apparently a lot of people like it but I hated the film.I thought Bale overacted, Dafoe was barely in the film and I never really felt any tension like I was... Read More »

Anyone Watched American Psycho?

I've seen it many times, & with all of the other movies 8've seen him in, it's still my favorite with him in it!: ).