Test questions was-wich configuration of the transformer use for high V prim and sec.I picked Y/Y is it OK?

Answer ??????? Do you mean a wye primary, and a wye secondary, if that is the question I have never seen one configured that way, usually delta-delta or delta-wye, wye-wye tend to be very unstable anima... Read More »

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What is the cost per square foot to paint the exterior of a 1600 square foot clapboard siding house in cranston r.i. with trim 2 story2 dormers 12 windows light colors scrape sand prim finish?

Answer This question is way to vague. Is the house one or two levels? Number of dormers? Colors? Windows? Siding condition? Obviously you will need to be much more specific.

How to Define ADA?

The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed by the federal government in 1990 to prohibit employers, governments, other agencies and labor unions from discriminating against people with disabili... Read More »

Please anyone define CDF?

CDF stands for Channel Definition Format. It's a text file that denotes what you have available on your site. And it's what sets up your Active Channel. Here's what my CDF file, named goodies.cdf, ... Read More »

Define first aid?

The immediate help to the injured/sick person before the medical attention is called first aid.