Husband is a pervert?

Answer if he uses firefox download the extension in firefox called SessionsSaver .2it restores the site you were last on when you open if he closes firefox when on a bad website, take the lapto... Read More »

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Is Krusty the clown a pervert?

In an episode in which Sideshow Bob steals a nuclear bomb and hides it in a carnival, the owner states that the park has been swept over many times, and the only thing found was three p*rno magazin... Read More »

Who is the biggest pervert on South Park.?

Randy Marsh -1. Brazilian fart porn2. Creme fraiche3. when everyone had some of butter's magic goo he immediately recognized the taste and said "this is ***!"

What would you think about this Pervert?

Your intuition sounds spot-on. Don't talk to this person. Delete and block them immediately. Use the "Report Abuse" feature to help get this profile deleted.To block the person, go to settings>priv... Read More »

What is the pervert button in the top left part of peoples tumblr pages?

It might be the amount of people looking at their blog at that moment.