Four Concepts of the Nursing Paradigm?

Answer The nursing paradigm has developed over time from the practices and beliefs of professional practitioners to give structure to the body of knowledge that is necessary to successfully meet the goals... Read More »

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The Three Phases of the Classical Conditioning Paradigm?

In 1927, psychologist Ivan Pavlov made a discovery regarding the mind's ability to learn information through associating connections between things that are separate but related. Pavlov's experimen... Read More »

Paradigm Monitor 5, Polk Rti 8 or Axiom M 22. Can you please help me decide from these speakers?

If you're going to get a powered sub, then don't worry about the speaker bass depth, worry about the bass quality from 80Hz up and of course how it sound beyond that.I suggest that you consider one... Read More »

I cant decide between the one touch ping pump or the minimed paradigm veo pump from medtronic?

They both look like very nice pumps. I have been using a pump for over just 10 years now, you will love it! The pump I have now is the Minimed Paradigm 722, using for over 5 years. Either way I ... Read More »

How to Define Abs?

Anyone can crank out 1000+ crunches a night and kill their abs, but it's not going to let anyone see them. Building and defining muscle are two totally different things. What everyone must know now... Read More »