For the sake of my odious co-workers, will some expert please give an accurate number for the shelf life?

Answer Well, technically, it *can* live forever.... *crosses fingers and hopes that the curry was christian* Get rid of it soon before it turns into zombie chicken curry and roams the kitchen in search of... Read More »

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How do you define LPN?

An LPN is a licensed practical nurse, sometimes known as an LVN, or licensed vocational nurse. An LPN works under the direction of a physician or a registered nurse. LPNs work in a wide variety of... Read More »

Please anyone define CDF?

CDF stands for Channel Definition Format. It's a text file that denotes what you have available on your site. And it's what sets up your Active Channel. Here's what my CDF file, named goodies.cdf, ... Read More »

How to Define Abs?

Anyone can crank out 1000+ crunches a night and kill their abs, but it's not going to let anyone see them. Building and defining muscle are two totally different things. What everyone must know now... Read More »

Define first aid?

The immediate help to the injured/sick person before the medical attention is called first aid.