How to Calculate Load Inertia?

Answer In mechanical engineering terms, knowing how to calculate the load inertia of a mechanical system is very important. It is a measurement of the resistance of the load being moved to acceleration or... Read More »

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How to Reset an Inertia Switch?

A fuel inertia switch is also known as a fuel cut-off switch. The inertia switch is designed to cut off the fuel supply to the engine. Once the inertia switch senses a heavy vibration or abnormal v... Read More »

How to Find the Inertia of an Object?

Inertia of an object is the resistance offered by the object to change in its motion or position. The inertia is directly proportional to the mass of the object or to the velocity if the object is ... Read More »

How Do I Tell if an Inertia Switch Is Activated?

The Ford's inertia switch is a safety precaution used to turn the fuel pump --- or pumps, depending on which Ford you have --- off to prevent fuel from entering the engine in the event of an accide... Read More »

How to Turn off Inertia Scrolling in Os X Lion?

In OS X Lion for Mac desktop and laptop computers, Apple has made a move to make their desktop operating system much more similar to their mobile operating system, iOS, than ever before. One of the... Read More »