What Are the Different Kinds of Detrimental Inherited Traits?

Answer Of the thousands of genetic disorders, researchers have cataloged more than 1,100 mutant genes that may result in clinical symptoms of disease. This amounts to a mere three percent of the human gen... Read More »

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Can wearing glasses be detrimental to someone who has 20/20 vision?

No way.Especially since you were trying them on to see how they would look.However, if you decide you look good in glasses, you will need to get plain lenses, not prescription lenses.It has been a ... Read More »

Are sattelite dishes detrimental to health?

No. Satellite dishes receive, they don't transmit anything. That means that the waves you receive when you put your head in front of the dish are the same as all around you, already washing over yo... Read More »

Is this yet another indication that Answers could be detrimental to my corporate career?

You know when you've hit rock bottom if you call people who file HR complaints against you, "report monkeys."

Is organic potting soil detrimental to African Violets?

The type of soil one uses to grow African violets is one, if not the most important factor in growing African violets successfully. I had an African violet business for years called Rainbowviolets ... Read More »