What does 'chronic destitution' mean?

Answer Constant or continuous return to a state of financial or material poverty. This could be due to an inability to manage one's financial affairs/money, debt, poor health, irresponsibility, mental il... Read More »

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How serious is chronic asthma?

On One Hand: Incurable and Potentially Life ThreateningAccording to Mayo Clinic, chronic (persistent) asthma is an incurable disease that affects the airways (bronchial tubes) in the lungs, causing... Read More »

Is Vitiligo always chronic?

my 10 year old neighbour has vitiligo and it is quite bad already. she doesnt let it get her down. dont let it lower your self-esteem.i dont know if it is always chronic. you should look it up on t... Read More »

What is chronic rhinitis?

Chronic rhinitis is a condition marked by inflammation of the inner part of the nose. It can result from a number of causes. Several treatments are available. Chronic rhinitis lasts for weeks or mo... Read More »

What are the causes of chronic nausea?

Nausea, is defined by WebMD, as the uneasiness of the stomach that can precede vomiting. Nausea and vomiting are often symptoms of many conditions. Some causes are more serious, and consulting your... Read More »