Chrysanthemum Blight?

Answer Chrysanthemums are perennial, flowering plants that come in a wide range of colors and growing habits. They range from white to burgundy and dwarf to shrub-sized. As long as you provide them with w... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Blight on Tomato Plants?

Tomato blight is a fungal infection that destroys the plant's foliage and fruit. The disease appears as brown or white lesions on the leaves, and as brown spots on the tomato fruit. Blight is very ... Read More »

Phomopsis Blight of Juniper?

Phomopsis blight is a fungal disease that infects many types of juniper, including Rocky Mountain, creeping and eastern red cedar. The disease mainly affects plants in the eastern United States. Th... Read More »

Camellia Flower Blight?

Camellia flower blight is a disease that attacks all camellia species, including cultivars and hybrids. It is considered one of the most serious camellia diseases in certain areas of the U.S. ... Read More »

The Lawn Blight Fungus?

Blight is a collective term for numerous plant diseases that are spread by fungal disease agents. Blight diseases can infect flowers, shrubs, trees, lawn grass and just about every other type of pl... Read More »