What Causes Potato Blight?

Answer Late blight is a leaf disease of potatoes. The potato (Solanum tuberosum) ranks as one of the five most important food crops in the world, making it highly important economically. Late blight (LB) ... Read More »

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Chrysanthemum Blight?

Chrysanthemums are perennial, flowering plants that come in a wide range of colors and growing habits. They range from white to burgundy and dwarf to shrub-sized. As long as you provide them with w... Read More »

Sheath Blight Tips?

Sheath blight is among the major fungal diseases of rice in all the rice-growing regions around the world, causing light to heavy crop damages annually. Though the disease had not been so prevalent... Read More »

Phomopsis Blight of Juniper?

Phomopsis blight is a fungal disease that infects many types of juniper, including Rocky Mountain, creeping and eastern red cedar. The disease mainly affects plants in the eastern United States. Th... Read More »

Is the"chestnut blight"a horse?

Although horses have horny growths on the insides of their legs called chestnuts or can have a coat color referred to as chestnut, the chestnut blight has nothing to do with horses. Chestnut blight... Read More »