Im i a freak?

Answer thats hot...being different is sooo cool

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Clean Freak?

This is likely due to your eating disorder. Many times people suffering with an eating disorder also develop Obssesive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The eating disorder and OCD- can result from feelin... Read More »

How to Freak People Out?

Want to know how to totally freak people out without being gross? It requires a strange mind, a lot of bravery and a hint of boredom.

Do you think Im a freak?

You are definitely not a freak! Tell them they are freaks for drinking that soda! It's so unhealthy.

Freak injuries?

I fell and broke my arm in school when I was 8 and the bone was sticking out my elbow just a lil bit and the nurse refused to call my mom for a whole hour and when she did all she said was "hello t... Read More »