Can you deduct long term disability insurance premiums on taxes?

Answer No, you cannot deduct premiums paid on disability insurance policies. Two senarios, first if your employers pays the premiums you would receive the disbursements as taxable income. If you pay your ... Read More »

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Can short-term&long-term disability insurance be deducted from federal taxes?

Taxpayers are not allowed to deduct premiums that they paid for personal disability insurance. While it is legal to deduct other forms of insurance, such as business liability insurance, personal d... Read More »

Can i deduct my insurance premiums paid to an employer on my taxes?

On One Hand: No You Can'tIn most cases, employee contributions to group health plans are not tax deductible expenses. This is because they are generally bought with pre-tax dollars. In other words,... Read More »

Is long term care insurance the same as long term disability insurance?

Long-Term Care insurance protects asstes, disability income protects incomeNo, long term care insurance covers all the costs of a caregiver that is not covered by Medicare, Medicate and disability ... Read More »

Are long term health insurance premiums deductible?

On One Hand: Yes, If You Are Self-Employed.If your spouse does not cover your health insurance and you have no other employer that provides health insurance, you are eligible to deduct part of the ... Read More »