Can you deduct dental bills from your taxes?

Answer On One Hand: As a Medical ExpenseThe Internal Revenue Service includes dental bills as qualified medical expenses that you can deduct from your federal income taxes if the total of your medical exp... Read More »

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Can I claim dental bills on my taxes?

Dental expenses can be included with medical expenses on your tax return. However, you must itemize your deductions and you can only deduct the amount by which the total exceeds 7.5 percent of your... Read More »

Can insurance companies deduct medical bills from settlements?

According to, if an insurance company has paid medical bills on your behalf and you receive a personal injury settlement, the insurance company has a right to deduct or ... Read More »

What can you deduct from taxes?

Several tens of thousands of pages (maybe more) exist on this topic. No list does, nor is a list possible.

Can I deduct any of my FSA on taxes?

A flexible spending account (FSA) reimburses out-of-pocket medical expenses and contributions are made from your pre-tax wages. According to the FSAFEDS Program, you may not claim on your tax retur... Read More »