Can you damage your ear with a quetip?

Answer Of course you can. If you push it too far or continuously use a Q-tip you can damage the membranes of your ear and be susceptible to ear infection (otitis media/externa) I recommend that you do not... Read More »

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What if someone else drove your car caused damage only to your car can you ask him to claim the damage on his insurance?

Answer The car's insurance would kick in first because YOU gave them permission. Their insurance would pay for whatever is left over.

Are you responsible for damage to personal property other than your own if water damage occurs in your apartment?

Answer If you were aware of a leak....informed no one, took no steps to repair or prevent the water from escaping your apartment and damaging your neighbor's are. However, if you ar... Read More »

Will your renter insurance cover when there was a damage in parking lot with your vehicle?

Renters insurance is similar to condo insurance. It typically covers the personal contents inside but there is the option to obtain dwelling coverage to protect the structure of the items that are ... Read More »

Can you damage the eye by touching it with your fingers?

Yes it is possible to damage your eye by touching it, edges of your torn contact lens can also do the same:1. you can easily pass any germs form your fingers to your cornea2. you can physically scr... Read More »