Can you cut steel using a mig welder?

Answer A well-made, good-quality MIG welder typically costs between $400 and $500, though you can find some inferior-quality varieties for less money. As they can cut just about anything---including steel... Read More »

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How to Cut Steel With an ARC Welder?

Arc welders generally use amperage to ignite a stick electrode and weld together multiple pieces of metal. A standard stick electrode has a metal core surrounded by a solid flux. Another type of st... Read More »

How to Repair a Dent on a Car Using a Stud Welder Gun?

Learn the steps to repair dents on a vehicle. There is not much access to modern day cars, which require tools like a stud welder gun to properly repair. Learn how to repair a dent the correct way.

How hot will the metal become when using an arc welder?

Arc welding is a manufacturing process where intense heat is applied to fuse two pieces of metal. At the point of contact on the metal, the temperature reaches approximately 6,500 degrees Fahrenhei... Read More »

How hot will metal become when using a stick welder?

The heat of the metal while using a stick welder depends entirely on the welder. Typically, a stick welder (also known as an arc welder) can have a temperature output of 6,500 degrees F. The normal... Read More »