Can you cure diabetes with certain foods?

Answer On One Hand: It's DoableMuch has been written about the ability of the possibility of curing diabetes through eating certain types of foods. Dr. Robert Atkins and others, such as Dr. Richard Bernst... Read More »

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Can I have the cure for diabetes And I wanna cure it permanently...?

There IS NO CURE tor diabetes.But BOTH types of Diabetes -- Type 1 and Type 2 -- are EASILY controlled using insulin and diet.YOU DAD NEEDS TO GAIN THE SELF-DISICPLINE NECESSARY TO DO EXACTLY WHAT ... Read More »

Is there any cure for Diabetes?

There are two main types of diabetes. Type 1 - No cure yet, but one Dr. Faustman is achieving some success in rats with beta cell regeneration. Read More »

Is there a cure to diabetes?

On One Hand: There Is No Cure for DiabetesThere is no cure for any of the three types of diabetes--Type I, Type II and gestational. Treatment--diet, exercise, pills and insulin injections--helps to... Read More »

Do you believe that there's a cure for DIABETES?

Type 2 diabetes is, as stated above, reversible. It is also avoidable. It requires a pretty good knowledge of nutrition, weight management, and diligence to a healthy lifestyle. There is no cure, p... Read More »