Can you crush ANY type of prescribed pills to get high?

Answer No and your friends are idiots. Many drugs are built so that medicine releases in a timely manner so one get long lasting effects without overdosing. Snorting or ingesting crushed medicine could ... Read More »

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Do sleeping pills need to be prescribed?

As other people have said, you can buy over the counter sleeping pills at any drug store without a prescription. These include benadryl, tylenol pm, sominex, nytol, excedrin pm, etc. They all have ... Read More »

Help i am a type 2 diabetic my doctor has prescribed me viagra 50mg but does not work!!! what next?

Most GPs experienced in the use of ED drugs find that almost all patients need 100mgs. The data sheet does suggest starting lower initially however. I tended to prescribe 4X50mgs and tell the patie... Read More »

Constipation and I think my Dr. prescribed a high dosage of Miralax, will it make me sick?

If she prescribed it, I'd just follow what she instructed you to do. Miralax can't make you throw up :D

What type of pills make your p£n i$ go soft?