Can you cover broken asbestos tiles with epoxy?

Answer Yes, you can cover broken asbestos tiles with epoxy. Asbestos fibers found in some tiles are not dangerous unless they make their way into the air and are inhaled. Covering broken asbestos tiles wi... Read More »

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How dangerous are broken asbestos floor tiles?

On One Hand: Broken Tile Can Be a RiskWhenever products containing asbestos are disturbed---such as by foot traffic---the tiny fibers can be released into the air. From there, asbestos from broken ... Read More »

Will broken asbestos tiles leave a dangerous residue in my house?

OMG, Vinyl tile, That is Shure Dangerous, and should be reported Immediately, Get Has mat there as fast as you can remove every one from the Home and find a new home, this one will have to ... Read More »

Was asbestos ever an ingredient in glue or epoxy?

Yes, asbestos mastic (glue) under the tiles.ceiling or floor tiles?

What is the size of asbestos tiles?

The standard size for early asbestos tiles was 9 inches by 9 inches. Later tiles also came in a larger 12-by-12 size. Size alone is not an indication of the presence of asbestos. The definitive way... Read More »