Can you correct a hunch back that has just begun to develop?

Answer The sooner you see a chiropractor the better, and follow it up with a sports/stretching program.

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Can you really develop a hunch back from slouching?

Slouching has an adverse effect on the spine over time. If I were you I'll keep it in mind that I may be hunched for the rest of my life if I keep slouching. That should keep reminding me to stand ... Read More »

If your back is kind of hunch back what can you do too adjust your posture?

Great answers so far! I can only add that you might want to look into doing exercises that will help you build strong core muscles. Pilates (as suggested in Marie's answer) is an excellent way to ... Read More »

How to get rid of a Hunch-Back?

Have a good posture.When standing: keep your chest high, your shoulders back and relaxed. Try not to tilt your head forward, backward or sideways. Instead, tuck your chin down slightly and pull you... Read More »

Will you pray for my father His prostate cancer has begun to come back.?

Already started the moment I saw your question. He, and your family, will be in my prayers. Hope things turn out well.