Can you copyright a company name?

Answer According to the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress, company names cannot be copyright protected. In general, copyright protection does not extend to names, titles, slogans or short phras... Read More »

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How do I copyright the name of a program?

Under U.S. copyright law, you cannot copyright a name. You can, however, apply for a trademark through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Go to the Trademark Office site and fill out the electro... Read More »

How to Copyright a Book With a Pen Name?

Writers have adopted pseudonyms or pen names to disguise themselves for a number of reasons: to hide their true gender (Alice Sheldon writing as James Tiptree, Jr.), to hide their work in a differe... Read More »

How to Copyright a Brand Name in Georgia?

If you thought of a name for your new business or product and want to protect it then you'll want to trademark your intellectual property and reap the benefits of being protected under the U.S. Con... Read More »

How do I check if business name has a copyright?

Go to the website for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (see References section) and and click "Search Marks" to search the Trademark Electronic Search System for the business name in question. ... Read More »