Can you copy the disc image of XP onto a CD?

Answer On One Hand: Copying .ISO Files Is EasyDisc image files are usually formatted into .ISO files. Copying the disc image of Windows XP, or any other file, is pretty easy. All you need is a CD/DVD reco... Read More »

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How do i burn an iso disc image to a disc using a mac?

Open Disk UtilityOpen "Macintosh HD" and click on "Applications." Select the "Utilities" folder to find "Disk Utility," which you must double-click to open.Insert Your DiscInsert the CD or DVD to w... Read More »

What is an ISO image on a disc for?

An ISO image is a complete and exact copy of a disc, including the file structure. The most common use of an ISO image is to create bootable CDs to install an operating system, such as Windows or L... Read More »

How to Burn an ISO Disc Image in Mac OS X?

ISO files are disc images that contain a CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray discs' entire contents and folder structure. Linux distributions and programs can often be distributed in the ISO file format, along wit... Read More »

How do I burn an ISO image to a disc?

Download ISO Burner SoftwareDownload and Install an ISO image burner program, such as MagicISO, PowerISO or Image Burn. Inset a blank disc into the CD-RW drive.Burn ISO Image to DiscOpen the ISO bu... Read More »