Can you cook salt potatoes in a slow cooker/crockpot?

Answer Potatoes are good in a crock pot as long as you wish them to be soft, not browned or crunchy. I have not ever heard of the term "salt potatoes"If you mean funeral potatoes, yes they do come out re... Read More »

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How many potatoes do I cook to make mashed potatoes to feed 14 people?

To make enough mashed potatoes to feed 14 people, you will need approximately a dozen medium potatoes, or four pounds. This will result in a 1/2 cup serving per person, and you'll have enough for ... Read More »

How to Cook New Potatoes?

As soon as new potatoes form under the potato vines in your garden, you can dig them up and cook them to eat. At this early stage, the potato skin is very thin. The potatoes are full of moisture an... Read More »

How to Cook Baked Potatoes?

Harvested from the ground, potatoes are cleaned and cooked to make a variety of side dishes. They can be used to make mashed potatoes, french fries, tater tots, hashbrowns, or scalloped potatoes. B... Read More »

How do i cook mash potatoes?

Peel one medium size russet potato per serving of mashed potatoes. Rinse the potatoes off quickly in cold water; cut them into quarters and place in a pot. Cover the potatoes with water and add a t... Read More »