Can you cook chicken in marinade?

Answer On One Hand: Adds FlavorYes, you can cook chicken in marinade. Most marinades are made with oil, herbs and spices and some kind of acidic ingredient such as citrus juice, vinegar or wine. Most stor... Read More »

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Can I cook chicken in marinade?

You can bake, boil or roast your chicken in marinade to retain flavors. Bake or roast your chicken in the marinade, basting with the marinade throughout the process. There are countless recipes for... Read More »

How to Make Chicken Marinade?

Want your family to crave chicken marinade on a nightly basis? Well, this is the recipe for you!

If I marinade my chicken pieces in Lem-Sip, will it prevent bird flu?

A good chicken marinade to compliment my alfredo sauce?

I might try oil, basil, crushed red pepper. i' d be careful of lemon in a cream sauce - might curdle