Can you convert a cd that has been formatted to mp3 format into an audio cd?

Answer Yes you can. Just copy the files to your hard-drive and then use on of several utilities available from the Internet to do the conversion. Then you can take those files and make an audio CD.

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How do i convert an audio cd into mp3 format?

Audio CD RippingAudio CD ripping can be done with software that extracts audio tracks from a CD-ROM, which will allow you to convert it to an MP3 format. MP3s are about a tenth the size of digital ... Read More »

Best audio format to convert to?

It depends on how critical your ear is, how much space you have to store your songs, and what kind of portable music player (if any) you plan to use.You've mentioned two types here - compressed (wh... Read More »

What video/audio format should I convert to?

Aneesoft HD Video Converter is the best HD video converter that converts among HD video formats,and then you can keep all u videos in HD.You can use it.

How to Convert MPEG Audio Songs to MP3 Format?

MPEG audio songs can be one of several MPEG formats, including ".mpga" or audio from MP4 videos. Converting your MPEG audio to MP3 is easy if you use a program like iTunes (which is free to downloa... Read More »