Can you convert a cd that has been formatted to mp3 format into an audio cd?

Answer Yes you can. Just copy the files to your hard-drive and then use on of several utilities available from the Internet to do the conversion. Then you can take those files and make an audio CD.

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How do i convert an audio cd into mp3 format?

Audio CD RippingAudio CD ripping can be done with software that extracts audio tracks from a CD-ROM, which will allow you to convert it to an MP3 format. MP3s are about a tenth the size of digital ... Read More »

How do you convert a coaxial digital audio cable into the red and white analog audio cables If so, quality?

If you're using cable/satellite box, DVD player or game console you should make the connections directly from these equipment to the surround system. You may need additional A/V switches to connect... Read More »

Can you un-formatrestore a memory card that has been formatted?

Without recovery software, probably not. In some cases, all that's been removed has been the files and directory structure that was stored on the card, allowing the camera to overwrite what's alrea... Read More »

How can I convert a funky camera format into avi, mp4, mov, or any other usable format?

If ffdshow is working I'd guess your video format is some form of MPEG-4, but "podunk" isn't too helpful. Super should work, but without more detail it's impossible to know what's going wrong. Gi... Read More »