Can you connect your iphone with adsl lead?

Answer No, you have to get the Internet package.

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Is there any way to transfer your monthly adsl usage to another adsl?

Unfortunately, that's just how big ISP's make their money. It's similar to trying to argue getting a lunch buffet price for a full price dinner at the same restaurant.

How-connect your iPhone 3GS to windows with bluetooth?

Yes. There is a Pages app and a group of Microsoft Office Apps.

How do I use DSL net connection to connect to a ADSL wifi router...?

Assuming I understand:You used to have a telephone cable to a modem to router to your computer.You now have a telephone cable to a card in your computerIf so, you *cannot* connect to the router/Wi... Read More »

If you buy an iPhone 3G from the O2 shop for 342 pounds 99 pence do you get to connect to your WiFi at home with it for free?

go to menu and click on aplications > then click on camera.pretty easy!!! >_