Can you connect wireless Internet to the PSP?

Answer You can connect a wireless Internet connection to a PSP. To check for a wireless signal, be sure the switch for the wireless adapter is set to the "On" position, then select "Settings" on the Home ... Read More »

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How do i connect a belkin wireless router (n150) to WIRELESS internet?

Simply replace the TP Link router with the Belkin.You will need to do some configuration as far as the wireless is concerned, and may need to do some for the WAN connection(Cirrus) as far as userna... Read More »

How to Connect PS2 to Wireless Internet?

With more and more households subscribing to wireless Internet rather than the cable-based ethernet service, it's small wonder that many gamers are trying to bring their old PS2 consoles to a point... Read More »

Wireless internet won't connect.?

go into your Control Panel | Network Connections | choose your wireless connection. right click on it and go to properties. there should be a checkbox at the top that says "let windows manage my ... Read More »

What do I need to connect wireless Internet?

Wireless Internet is becoming increasingly popular in a variety of settings because it is convenient, affordable, and easy to set up. With just a few key components, you can build a wireless networ... Read More »