Can you connect two PCs with a 3GB USB modem?

Answer On One Hand: 2 PCs Can Be Conncted to One 3G ModemThe small form factor of 3G USB modems makes it easy to carry a broadband Internet connection wherever you travel. Thankfully, this compact broadba... Read More »

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How to Connect Two PCs With a 3G USB Modem?

Connecting two PCs with a 3G USB modem makes it easy to share a mobile broadband connection and get devices online, even where WiFi and Ethernet connections are unavailable. Using the Internet Conn... Read More »

How to Connect a Westell 327 With a Modem?

The Westell 327W Versalink Gateway functions both as a DSL modem and a wireless network router. If you have a DSL modem set up at your home already, you can use the 327W as just a wireless router, ... Read More »

How to Connect to Xbox Live With a USB Modem?

Xbox Live is Microsoft's online service that allows users to play video games with other users, as well as download videos and games from the Xbox Live marketplace. Connecting to Xbox Live, of cour... Read More »

How to Connect to a Cable Modem With the External Internet?

Cable modems have become a popular form of Internet access, as they offer fast speeds and reliable connectivity over a coaxial cable TV connection. If you wish to contract with an Internet service ... Read More »