Can you connect pc to tv with scart to svhs?

Answer No but you can use RGB connectors S-Video (if you are lucky enough to have that) or HDMI work best though...

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How to Connect a Computer to a TV With SCART?

Connecting a computer to a television gives you a large monitor in which the volume can be controlled with the TV remote.There are many types of TVs with various connection options for achieving th... Read More »

How can I connect a DVD player to an old TV (ie one with no SCART connection-only an aerial)?

i'm afraid you can't, i have this problem with my portable tv, it only has ariel socket. i went to comet for advice and they told me nothing can be done. buy a new tv in the jan sales!

How to Connect a PC to a SCART TV?

If your computer monitor goes out, you have a nice substitute in your house already: your TV. Your TV also makes a useful computer monitor if you want to see something on a larger screen or are jus... Read More »

How to Connect a Laptop to SCART TV?

Laptop computers are great for taking with you and are powerful enough to be used as your everyday computing instead of needing a desktop computer. However, the portability of a laptop comes at a p... Read More »