Can you connect headphones to a 46 inch lcd tv?

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How do you connect 1/2 inch copper to 3/4 inch galvanized?

There are screw adapters you can get at the hardware store. You need to look for one that says 1/2 to 3/4. You stick it on one pipe, screw it tight then put the other pipe in and screw that ti... Read More »

How can you connect headphones to a television without headphones output?

Well it must have some kind of sound output to speakers, they'll work fine in there, or if you use any kind of satellite box try using it with that,

How to Connect a PS3 to a 48-Inch Vizio Plasma TV?

Vizio plasma TVs have different video inputs (e.g., HDMI) for multiple devices. While it's possible to connect a PS3 to a Vizio using standard AV cables, the PS3 and Vizio are designed for high-def... Read More »

How to Connect a Apple 24 Inch LCD Monitor to a DVI?

The 24-inch Apple Cinema Display uses a Mini DisplayPort to connect to devices such the Mac Mini, Mac Pro and MacBook Pro that also use the Mini DisplayPort. This is problematic when you want to us... Read More »