Can you connect direct tv to an apple tv?

Answer DirecTV is its own company. The President/Chairman/CEO of the company is currently Michael White.

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Who is the football player on the direct tv commercial for direct connect?

How do you connect a direct tv box?

Okay people asked you what CHANNEL it was on not how much it freaking COST ! like did yall get the QUESTION at all ?channel 185 or 186 its called spike

How do you connect Wii direct TV and a RCA TV?

When you connect to your RCA plug connection at the back of a TV sometimes you need to set your TV to a different source than the ant or cable that is normally printed by the RCA plugs. They also h... Read More »

How do you connect iPhone to apple tv?

The AirPlay feature found in the latest version of the iOS software will connect an iPhone to the Apple TV. (See links below)