Can you connect a xbox 360 to wireless internet through a laptop?

Answer Yes. If you plug an ethernet cable into a laptop that is connected to a wireless network, then configure the laptop's network settings so the Xbox 360 can share the network connection, you can easi... Read More »

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How to Connect XBox 360 to Wireless Internet Without an Adapter?

The Xbox 360 features the ability to connect to Microsoft’s online video gaming service, Xbox Live. However, the video game console does not have built-in Wi-Fi, and an Xbox 360 wireless adapter ... Read More »

The Cheapest Way to Connect an Xbox to Wireless Internet?

An ethernet connection between a router and modem is always the fastest and easiest way to connect an Xbox 360 to Xbox Live. However, sometimes this type of connection might not be feasible if the ... Read More »

How to Connect to Xbox Live With Wireless Internet?

A wireless Internet connection may be the only option for Xbox Live gamers whose console sits far from a router or modem. Microsoft sells a wireless networking adapter for those who must connect wi... Read More »

Is there a way to connect to Xbox Live using a laptop with a wireless internet?

I am not sure but you can just plug an ethernet cord from your 360 directly into your router. It's not wireless but ethernet cords are cheaper then the wireless adapter for the 360. Then you can be... Read More »