Can you connect a non-HD television to a HD cable box?

Answer it is normally possible to connect an HD cable box to non HD displays. In many cases, a dedicated output will provide an SD signal as a composite, S-video or component output. Some others will al... Read More »

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How to Connect an HD Television to a Shaw Cable?

Shaw is a Canadian cable, Internet and home phone company based in Calgary, Alberta. The company has over 550,000 digital customers in Western Canada and was among the first companies to provide di... Read More »

How do I Connect an Existing Cable Television Box to a Computer?

With the aid of a television tuner card, it is possible to hook up almost any audio/video device to a computer system. This includes connecting an already existing cable television box to the tuner... Read More »

Can you connect a VCR to a television using a biaxial cable?

The design of biaxial cable, also called “biax,” makes it unusable to interconnect home entertainment electronics. The standard coax for home electronics is 75 ohm coax. Biaxial cable is compri... Read More »

How do I Connect a Cable Remote UR5U-6200L to an LG Television?

The UR5U-6200L remote is a universal television remote control that comes with some cable company equipment. If you own an LG television, then it is possible to connect the UR5U-6200L universal rem... Read More »