Can you connect a desktop PC to wireless Internet?

Answer A desktop PC can connect to wireless Internet if it has a wireless adapter installed in it. There are many types of wireless adapters available, including PCI cards and USB adapters.Source:PCMag: H... Read More »

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Can I connect 2 desktop computers to a wireless modem and get internet on both desktops plus my laptop?

Hi,You have the perfect setup for wireless network connectivity, so let's walk through this step by step.1. If the router is in fact a wireless router, and not merely a switch, then any computer (d... Read More »

Will a wireless router allow me to connect a desktop and a laptop to the same Internet connection?

Yes, most wireless routers are equipped with a wired output for a desktop computer. At the same time, they will send and receive wireless Internet signals to a laptop or other wireless Internet dev... Read More »

How can I connect my wirelessly internet connected desktop( win XP ) to my laptop ( linux mint ) for internet?

Here is the Official Ubuntu Wireless Documentation (also applies to Linux Mint)Cards Supported…Troubleshooting/Howto/General Read More »

How do i connect a belkin wireless router (n150) to WIRELESS internet?

Simply replace the TP Link router with the Belkin.You will need to do some configuration as far as the wireless is concerned, and may need to do some for the WAN connection(Cirrus) as far as userna... Read More »